Miyake’s Nails – Cats, Corsets and Pearls

Miyake shortlisted three designs and tweeted them to see which would be most popular among her followers. These were the three:




The cat with corset design was the clear winner, so Miyake picked that one, but made some changes to it. She substituted the cat with the cuter cat with ribbon in the first picture, and didn’t want the cross design. Instead, she opted for a pearl-encrusted design from one of my nail wheels. Also, instead of the original corset design, I suggested using my own corset design as the original looked more like shoelaces instead. The result:


The base colour is also different! Miyake picked a pinkish nude, Angel Pro Gelly Polish in #4, and I used that over Gelish Desert Sands. I did the cat with Angel Pro Gelly Polish in #29, then used acrylic paint for the corset design.


Finally, I added tiny gold studs to make the cat’s collar ribbon, and tons of pearls for the ring finger. I love this set! I’ve never done my corset design in a nude colour before, and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it looked in this colour scheme. πŸ™‚


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