Gel Mani: Kimono Prints

Kris wanted something special for her birthday nails so she picked this unique design out of the 2013 special edition of Nail Up! It was originally a white base with alternating pink and blue gradient tips, but as white would be too stark and less flattering when the nails are growing out, I used a pearly base (Gelish Night Shimmer) instead.


For the tips, I alternated between Angel Pro Gelly in #21 (pink) and 25 (blue), then slicked on an iridescent shimmer coat using Gelish Izzy Wizxy, Let’s Get Busy from the Aurora Fx range. Finally, I added the intricate floral design (they remind me of kimono prints!) using dark purple acrylic paint mixed from purple and black paint.

Recently, I have been working on my speed – this art was done in 1.5 hours, so I was quite pleased! I referred to the original design for one nail, then closed the book and adapted it for the rest of the nails, changing the combination of leaves/flowers/swirls and their positions to make every nail different. I could have been faster, but it is very hard to shake off old habits of gunning for precision… I have to learn to let go and develop a more casual, effortless style that looks as good as perfection, but takes less time! Here, I am halfway there…


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