Gel Mani: Keep Calm and Celebrate

Melody had this interesting idea for her birthday nails! The centerpiece is a modification of the famous “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster from the British WWII campaign and which has made its way into popular culture.


Then, for the index and ring finger, Melody wanted “XXIII” with some glitter spread out (like party confetti, don’t you think?). The crown design was based on a clipart that Melody got off the Internet. Finally, the thumbs had two different Tinkerbell designs adapted from clipart we got off the Internet, and I added a trail of glitter from Tinkerbell’s wand.


This was done with Angel Pro Gelly Polish in #39 (pale pink) alternated with #5 (pale purple), and then acrylic paint on the art. The glitter is some loose holographic glitter that I scrubbed in. I was so excited about this design because I think it’s such a great concept! So, I’m blogging about it on the same day it was done! 😛


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