Angel Pro Gelly Polish – 100 New Colours!

Received this email update from Angel Pro HQ today!

During the past six months, our researchers & Angel Pro Team have conducted rounds of tests & research on the Gelly Polish system to improve the formula to give the best Gelly experience to all our users.

After rounds of live trial tests, troubleshooting & research, we ensure that there is 100% no lifting, discoloration, shrinkage, chipping, smudging or allergy reactions. Angel Pro provides an extraordinary gel performance like no other.

You have tried our first 47 colors & liked them! Now, try our new 100 Gelly Polish with more glitters, shimmers & bolder, brighter colors!

The official Pre-order has started! Please visit your local distributor for Pre-order details and promotion.

Can you imagine that? ONE HUNDRED new colours! I’m going down to Pink Room today with Jenrine to pre-order them (pre-order ends today so hurry down to enjoy a discounted pre-order price!) and I can see myself having a hard time picking some to add to my existing collection!


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