Gel Mani: Alice In Wonderland

Joei requested for Alice in Wonderland nails and picked out various designs from my nail magazines to put together this set:


I used Angel Pro Gelly Polish in #47 (white) instead of Gelish Sheek White because the Angel Pro Gelly stays a true bright white, while the Gelish yellows and turns dirty looking quickly. Sad but true! I don’t even use many of my Gelish colours anymore because I can’t afford to have my customers come back unhappy that their Gelish nails have changed/faded in colour… So I usually turn to Angel Pro, which is more reliable, colour-wise!

I then did the art with acrylic paint and added embossed ribbons with Angel Pro coloured acrylic powders.


Love it! Super glad Joei picked this theme!


2 thoughts on “Gel Mani: Alice In Wonderland

  1. nia says:

    i really want to buy AnGel! but its kind of expensivee. hiks. i want to join nail school but its very very expensive here in my country. do you recommend this brand for beginners like mee? or do you know any cheap gel?

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