My Top Picks for an Angel Pro Gelly Starter Set

Recently, a reader named Cynthia left a comment asking me to recommend some commonly-used colours as she was looking to purchase some Angel Pro Gelly Polish colours to start with. This made me think of doing an in-depth post so that it would benefit more people similarly struggling with choosing colours for their starter kit. πŸ™‚

First off, I’d like to say that my top picks are based on two needs – common colours used as a base, and common colours used for art. The Angel Pro Gelly Polish can be used for art on top of the base colour, so you should get a range of colours for that purpose.

(Picture taken from The Nail Industry.

There are 47 colours in total, but I’ll streamline it to 10 must-have colours for a starter kit.

1. #39 (pale pink)
2. #21 (medium pink)
3. #23 (dark pink)
Because women usually love pink as a base colour, and because pinks are great for floral art

4. #47 (white)
Essential for french tips and for art

5. #29 (black)
Great base colour for edgy girls and for art

6. #9 (yellow)
7. #10 (green)
8. #12 (purple)
9. #25 (blue)
Pastels – you can never go wrong with sweet colours. The green is essential for leaves in floral art!

10. #31 (brown)
Great for a neutral look, or for softer-looking outlines in art! Chocolate sprinkles, leopard prints, etc.

Although 10 colours may seem like a very limited range, you can do a lot with only ten colours – especially if you know colour theory well and are willing to take the trouble to mix colours to get the shade that you want!

For example, you can mix #29 with #47 to get grey. You can also mix #10 with #29 to get dark green. Or, you can mix #31 with #47 to get beige. All you need is a palette or some greased paper and you can start mixing away. I usually only mix enough for one use (estimate and mix more if you need to later on) to prevent wastage.

Here are some pictures of what you can do even if you only have the above 10 colours!

Done with #29, #47, #31, #39.

Done with #12, #21, #25, #39.

Done with #39, #29, #47.

Done with #9, #10, #23, #31, #39, #47.

Done with #9, #21, #25, #29, #31, #47.

Done with #10, #21, #23, #29, #47.

Done with #10, #21, #23, #25, #29, #39, #47.

Don’t forget to also purchase the Angel Pro Gelly top and base coat, and gel cleanser too!

Where to buy:
Pink Room Shoppe

How to use:
Tutorial: Angel Pro Gelly Polish x Little Twin Stars
Tutorial: Lace Floral Glamour
Quickie Tutorial: Sticker Art with Angel Pro Gelly Polish!


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      Hi Huifen, please contact them directly for pricing πŸ™‚

      (Not that I don’t want to tell you, but there are different prices depending on various factors, and the school prefers to let customers know directly!)

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