Welcome to Nail Art Express

Hi! My name is Ying, and I own Nail Art Express.

At Nail Art Express, nail art is art. I pride myself on my commitment to perfection, and I don’t skimp on quality.

I have more than two years of experience in this industry, and I have worked on over a thousand customers by now – 95% of whom opt for nail art each time. Take a quick look at my work and you will discover that I have an extensive portfolio of designs.

Although Singapore’s nail industry is not regulated, I believe that proper education and training is important. Thus, in 2010, I signed up for a Diploma in Nail Technology at the Pink Room International Nail Academy, Singapore’s premier nail school. Subsequently, I scored a Distinction for the Professional Manicurist Certificate Exam and a Distinction for the Acrylic Nail Extensions Certificate Exam conducted by my nail school.

Not content to stay stagnant, I continued to upgrade my skills by attending more courses. In 2012, I honed my skills in embossed and 3D acrylic art by attending the Chanel Kitty 3D workshop conducted by my nail school. I also attended a VivCat Design Private Class by Viv Simmonds and Catherine Wong to pursue mastery of design sculpture nails. I later attended a Sha Nail workshop conducted by Sha Nail Japan Educator Kimi Akazawa and Nail Art Express was then certified as a Sha Nail Official Nail Salon.

Also, I use only quality products. For normal polish, I have a range of about 120 colours, mostly from OPI and China Glaze, and the rest are from Orly, Essie and Color Club. I constantly add new polishes to my collection. I also use Seche Vite top coat (widely recognised as the #1 quick-drying top coat in the world) and Nail Tek (widely-acclaimed protective base coats) base coats at no extra charge.

For acrylic and gel services, I use only quality products from USA, Japan, or Korea. The brands I use include Angel Pro, Gelish, Artistic Colour Gloss, and Orly Gel FX. For gel polishes, my collection has over 100 colours.

I consider myself an artist and I love customers who appreciate art. If you love to wear art on your nails, you won’t regret making an appointment with Nail Art Express. I look forward to serving you. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Welcome to Nail Art Express

    • nailartexpress says:

      Hi Cynthia,

      I have not heard back from you regarding the sticker purchase. Please make payment if you would still like to order them, and send me your mailing address when done. Thanks!

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi Ying! I have a few questions about gelish application. It says to lightly buff the nails to apply but won’t this eventually cause the nails to become weak and take off layers of the natural nails? I have heard that some people didn’t have to buff their nails and it was adhering just fine but I tried to do it without buffing and it eventually lifted at the cuticles. And I have oily nail beds so I have to make sure I really dehydrate my nails. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear from you! Thanks

    • nailartexpress says:

      Hi Lisa – the key is to buff really lightly. Don’t use a file with a harsh grit. I usually use a smooth buffing block. This won’t take layers off the nail unless you’re using a coarse file and buffing with a lot of pressure. The idea is to just take the shine off the nail so that the surface isn’t too slippery smooth.

      However if the lifting problem is at the cuticle, the problem could be with your application of the polish (don’t get it on the cuticle) or with your prep (you have to clean the cuticle area thoroughly).

  2. syikin says:

    Hey Ying! I’ve been avidly following u on insta and loving every single nail u do! I’ve always had gel nails done and never really satisfied everytime.But i love your pics from the very nicely done cuticle till
    ..need i say more?! How do i contact i to book an appointment?

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