Shame, Shame…

It always upsets me when my original creations are COPIED by other nailists WITHOUT PROPER ACKNOWLEDGEMENT/CREDITS to me for the design. Just a few minutes ago, I spotted this:

-picture removed at the request of the nailist-

Compare that to my original creation for Vel, posted on my blog on 21 Jan 2012:

I also did it in purple for another customer:

What do you think about such behaviour? I don’t condone it and I certainly won’t tolerate it.


4 thoughts on “Shame, Shame…

  1. meandjd says:

    It’s so sad that people do that. When i see an idea i like i think it to the original and state that it’s my inspiration. I’ve had my nails copied and put up 4 or 5 days after i did it so it’s clear its a copy and no sigh of even an “i saw this and thought i’d try it out” And it only makes it worse if they get comments and you don’t it feel like you did the work and their getting the credit.

  2. bella says:

    But sometimes customer would show them a picture of a nails done by someone and ask the manicurist to do the exact same things… And the manicurist took photos of all the work she has done on her customers. So how do you all prevent that?

    • nailartexpress says:

      That’s simple – just ask the person where it’s from and state so when you post the design. Or you could just state that it’s based on something a customer showed you. I do this all the time on my blog and it’s just a matter of typing a few words to acknowledge that it’s not my original creation.

      I don’t mind people using my designs – I know a lot of people show my designs to their manicurists and ask for it to be done, but I would think it is common decency/courtesy for the manicurist, when posting the result, to say that it is not their original design. Silence/omission is as bad as plagiarism because it’s like you’re claiming all the credit for yourself.

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