Miyake’s Nails

I must confess that I don’t know much about bloggers – the only people I actually follow are Xiaxue and Bong Qiu Qiu, but from reading their blogs, I kind of know who the other celebrity bloggers are… Such as Miyake!

I was pleasantly surprised when Miyake made an appointment to get her nails done at my place. Given her popularity, I thought she would have a sponsor for her nails, or would expect me to do her nails for free. Yet she was actually willing to PAY for my services.

I was surprised that she was so humble about her fame and not expecting any freebies because I had received several requests from other bloggers to sponsor their nails, and they didn’t even have a fraction of her hits. They all had fewer hits on their blogs than I do, so it was a joke, really, for them to tell me that sponsoring them would benefit me. I get a thousand hits a day on average, and I have more than 2000 fans in Facebook and close to 2000 on instagram, plus I am usually fully-booked and don’t actually need the extra publicity…

So to cut a long story short, I was so impressed that I offered to do Miyake’s gel mani and art for free. As I didn’t have enough slots to do her pedi myself, she paid for my partner Jenrine to do her pedi for her.

I made a really silly mistake though – we confirmed the appointment, but then I didn’t send her my address, and she also didn’t realise it until she was about to come over, and as I was busy with my other customers, I didn’t check my email until it was almost half an hour past the time of our appointment. Then I saw her email about not having my address and I quickly messaged her. Luckily, she lives pretty near me so she was able to rush down quite quickly.

When she got here, she was super nice and friendly! I felt so bad about the mistake that I also did the gel removal for her mani and pedi for free as well as the nail art for her pedi. However, I didn’t take any pictures, so these pictures are all taken from her and her friend Silver (who got a mani done by Jenrine at the same time).

From Silver – the mani on the left was done by Jenrine and the one on the right was done by me:


A collage compiled from Miyake’s photos:


This design was chosen by Miyake herself from the designs on my blog. πŸ™‚ I used Angel Pro Gelly Polish in #14, #29, and #47, as well as Gelish Water Field.

And oh! If you’re wondering… Yes, Miyake is just as pretty in person as she is in photos. Truly beautiful!


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