Exam Results

The exam results were out last week and I collected mine with trepidation on Saturday. I was aiming for Distinctions for both my extensions exams, but I didn’t know if I would achieve my target because it seemed hard enough to pass (minimum score of 80%), let alone to score Distinctions (minimum score of 85%).

I set high standards for myself and always aim for perfection in the things that matter to me. The same applies for exams – I am a real nerd and I have to get the highest grade possible or I won’t be content. It is true that I didn’t have enough time to prepare well for this exam, but still, after the exam, I was satisfied with my work and had high hopes that I would do well. However, this didn’t exactly happen.

On the bright side, I scored a Distinction for my acrylic extensions exam.

On the other hand (literally), I failed my gel extensions exam. I was shell-shocked when I saw my results, because I thought the gel extensions I had done were my best work so far, and I had done very well for the gel extensions in the mock examination (which accounts for 5% of the total grade). I couldn’t think of any reason for my failure. So, I went to ask for feedback on my performance to find out what I had done wrong.

I was shocked to find out that I had been given an immediate failure because I had nicked my model on one finger. You can see the cut circled in the picture below:

I had been under the impression that cuticle preparation (which is allowed before the extensions exam) would not matter much in the extensions exam, so I hadn’t been too worried about that cut on my model’s finger. Unfortunately, it turned out that I was very wrong. I can’t emphasise this enough now – for all fellow students, please make sure you don’t make the same mistake I did!

What made this especially painful for me to accept was the feedback that my gel extensions had apparently scored better than my acrylic extensions, but due to the nick, I had been given an immediate failure. So, it seems that I could have gotten a Distinction for my gel extensions as well, if I had been more careful!

At first, I was very discouraged at the thought of having to sit for the exams again, but later on, I decided that it was a valuable lesson learnt. At least now I know that I am capable of getting a Distinction for gel extensions too – so now I just have to prove it in the November exam!

I will NOT let myself get anything less than a Distinction again!


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