Acrylic Extensions + Gel Mani: Betty Boop Bridal Nails

Carol purchased the bridal nails package and topped up an additional $80 for acrylic extensions. I started by extending her nails with acrylic sculpture extensions, and then got my partner Jenrine to take over for Carol’s spa gel pedi while I discussed with Carol the art for her mani.

Carol had decided on her pedi art beforehand, and this was the result, done by Jenrine!


For the mani, Carol wanted Betty Boop to be sculpted onto her nails, but didn’t want it to look bridal. I originally thought of having Betty Boop in a wedding gown with a bridal veil, but interestingly, Carol was happy to be adventurous with her wedding nails, and settled on having Betty Boop in a black dress, matched with sexy lace and sweet ruffles on the rest of the nails. I made the two Betty Boops on nail forms stuck to a c-curve stick while Jenrine worked on Carol’s toes, then attached them to Carol’s thumbs later on. The result was very 3D!


The base colour for the thumbs is Gelish June Bride and the base for the rest of the nails was Gelish Desert Sands, with Angel Pro Gelly Polish in #24 on the tips and #47 for the ruffles. All the black details were done with black acrylic paint.


Super pleased that I finally got to do this design from my July nail wheel (originally from one of my nail art lesson books) and also that Carol’s Betty Boop request had me pushing myself. I was contemplating signing up for a course on sculpting 3D figurines, but couldn’t make it for the course dates, and now I’m not too sad about it because I can figure it out on my own! Thanks Carol, and I hope you like your nails!


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