Taking it to the next level – 3D acrylic art!

Carol is a fellow Pink Room student and she completed the diploma course a while ago, but booked me to do her nails for her wedding photoshoot. She had a really interesting request – she wanted Betty Boop to be embossed (I ended up doing it 3D, but that’s another story…)on her nails!

I’m not a fan of Betty Boop, so I had to do a bit of research for pictures of Betty Boop. These are the ones that I used for reference:


I can’t post the actual pictures yet because I need to transfer them from my camera first, but anyway, here’s another one that I did after the appointment with Carol, so that I could take pictures at various stages!


I used a nail form on a c-curve stick as a base so that I could peel the sculpture off easily after that for display. I bought an awesome flesh-toned acrylic powder during my August Tokyo trip, so I used it to sculpt Betty Boop’s body. It looks kinda obscene and I had fun doing the hilarious task of making her boobs and butt. Then I had to make the head, hair and clothes… I think I made her cheeks too big here though!


Sorry for the lousy photos 😦 My iPhone camera was acting up! I’ll have better pictures in my next post when I get the pictures from my camera!


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