August Nail Wheel

I finally completed my August nail wheel earlier this week and posted a sneak preview on my Facebook page. Here it is now in its full glory!


The two embossed Rilakkuma designs are based on French-themed Rilakkuma sticker labels, while the rest of the designs are replicated from various nail art magazines. It was my first attempt at Rilakkuma, and for Korilakkuma, I initially didn’t have the right cream colour in my acrylic powders collection, but thankfully I managed to buy some more colours when I was in Japan in August!


The pink/gold/silver lace designs and the Alice in Wonderland designs are from October Nail Max, and the black/bronze lace designs and the floral designs are from an old issue of Nail Up Perfect Lesson EX (I think that’s the name). For the black lace design, a tiny corner is actually a sticker, but around it I added freehand lace, and the other lace designs are all freehand.

I really love the Alice in Wonderland! There are three entire pages filled with Alice in Wonderland designs in October’s Nail Max, and this was one of the simplest!



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