New! Event Bookings Available!

I normally don’t do housecalls, but then my friend Evonne asked if I would like to provide gel manicures and pedicures at a party hosted by her aunt, and as the number of interested guests snowballed, it turned into a mega affair with me asking two of my friends, Mynt and Shona, to join in on the action. To cut a long story short, we had a blast, and now we’re making ourselves available for future events.

What happened was that Evonne’s aunt was throwing a birthday party for her little girl, and a lot of friends and parents (of the little friends invited) were attending the party. The host was very thoughtful and didn’t just arrange for entertainment for the children, but for the adults as well by engaging our services to provide nail services! She asked some of them in advance if they would like to get their nails done, so we had about 6-7 who signed up (which is why there were 3 manicurists provided), but on the actual day, other guests also wanted to get their nails done, so we ended up serving more than 10 people in total. Guests who wanted to get their nails done would just pay us directly, so the host doesn’t actually pay for the guests to get their nails done. If this sounds like fun to you, and you would like to do something similar for your party, check out the details below:

The booking fee is really just to cover transportation and other arrangements, especially if we don’t get to serve many customers. However, this booking fee can be waived if enough customers are provided to make our trip down worthwhile!

For bookings, please leave a comment or email, stating the date of your party and the number of guests interested in getting their nails done. 🙂


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