Extensions Exam

I almost can’t believe that my extensions exam is over. I’m really relieved, but I also feel a little empty because I’ve been so busy with self-study, homework and practising for exams on top of my full-time job and taking on nail appointments after work, and suddenly I don’t need to juggle all that anymore. I’m so very exhausted and I think I need to take a break for a while. But enough of that – let’s move on to pictures!

The extensions certificate exam by my nail school tests both acrylic and gel extensions, and covers sculpture as well as tip extensions. For this exam, we had to do gel extensions on the left hand and acrylic extensions on the right hand. For each hand, we had to do the following:

Thumb: French sculpture
Index: Single-tone sculpture
Middle: Single-tone sculpture, painted red
Ring: Clear tip overlay, with art (embossed for acrylic, any art for gel)
Pinky: French tip overlay

Thankfully, I managed to finish on time – I was a little worried because I wanted to attempt embossed art for both ring fingers, and I wanted to do my favourite (flowers,) but I knew it would take up more time than something simpler like hearts or ribbons. Anyway… Here are the pictures!


They’re not perfect, but I am just glad I finished and didn’t screw up majorly! Overall, I’m pretty happy, because I sat for the exam without having practised a full 3 hours exam-style on my model Jenrine. The most I did was 7 nails at a stretch, and didn’t practise polishing or art… So yes, I’m very glad it turned out ok!


Much thanks to Jenrine for being my super awesome, kind and patient model!


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