Gelish Mani: Lace Polka

I am SO glad I bought these intricate lace stickers when I was in Japan – they are so gorgeous! Just look at them:


And yes, I do have some stocked for sale in my ネイル shop, but looking at how gorgeous they are on Serena’s nails, I feel like keeping them! So if you want some, hurry before I change my mind!

So anyway… Back to the design – Serena was originally looking at a half moon design with polka dots and stars, but knowing that she loves lace, ribbons and polka dots, I suggested combining them instead and worked out a design based on this pack of lace stickers.


I used Gelish Desert Sands as the base, Gelish Sheek White for the tips, and added black polka dots with acrylic paint before using the lace stickers! I used the most intricate one with ribbons in the lace pattern on the thumbs, and a simple lace design on the rest of the nails, the single ribbon that you see on the index and ring fingers are from another pack of ribbon stickers that I thought would match this set. Love this! I might just do this for myself next… 🙂


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