Back to Irregular Updates

For more than a year, I’ve kept to my aim of posting a new design every day at a fixed time so that my readers know they will always have fresh content to look forward to every day.

However, I’ve found it increasingly difficult to sustain this effort. I still do plenty of new designs that I can post, but I’ve gotten so busy that blogging no longer seems fun anymore. I used to look forward to blogging as a break from my work, but now it just feels like an extension of my work. I have to find the time to transfer pictures from my camera to my iPad, select pictures that I like, edit them, then blog about the design… and the sad thing is that I don’t even have enough time to sleep adequately or to spend time properly with the dearest people in my life.

So, I’ve decided to blog only when I can, and hopefully, I’ll enjoy blogging after this break.


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