Customisation: Colourful Florals x Scallop Tip

Kai wanted a floral design and sent me this picture in advance:


I had to simplify it, of course – it’s too detailed and too busy, and Kai prefers to keep her nails shorter, so I had to work with a smaller canvas. Also, to keep costs down, I suggested that she pair the floral design with a simpler design, and we decided on a simple scallop tip to complement the floral design. The result:


Love it! Wish I had had the time to try out the florals first though – I just went for it and I think I could have done better with some practice!

Anyway, the colours used are…
– Base: Gelish Desert Sands
– White: Gelish Sheek White
– Art: Angel Pro Gelly Polish in #39 (light pink) #21 (pink), #23 (dark pink), #2 (pale yellow) #32 (mustard), #25 (blue), #27 (midnight blue), #10 (green), #10 mixed with #29 (black) to get dark green.


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