Gelish Mani: Summer Neons

Serena wanted something really colourful this time and she sent me this reference picture beforehand:


She wanted to use the Gelish Rio Neons, and picked out the yellow, green, orange and pink. She also requested for a colourful striped tip on the thumbs and a ribbon on the ring fingers. The result:


The Gelish Rio Neons are pretty sheer, so I had to use three coats to get them to look opaque. The art, as you can imagine, would have been a nightmare if I tried using the neons on neon bases, but I used a trick – I did the art with white first, then just used one more coat of the Rio Neons over the white to get them to show up.

Serena is super cute, by the way – here she is trying out some poses with my Hello Kitty iPhone speaker:


I’m actually contemplating switching to the Samsung S3, but the thought of my Hello Kitty iPhone speaker (a gift from my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day) being neglected is making me think twice!


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