Tutorial: Lace Floral Glamour

Hi everyone! Today I have another tutorial to share. πŸ™‚ If you’ve been following my Facebook page, you might have noticed my announcement that I would post a tutorial for every new 200 “likes”. Thus, this new tutorial is to celebrate crossing 1,800 “likes”. My next tutorial will be posted when I hit 2,000 “likes”!

Today’s design was done on my mom – after three consecutive sessions of Angel Pro Gelly Polish, her nails have grown so much! They used to have no visible free edge and the nail bed was so short! This time, I actually had to cut her nails. If she keeps this up, her nails are going to start looking like mine soon!

For this tutorial, I used Angel Pro Gelly Polish in #1 (three coats) as the base, #34 (red), #30 (dark maroon) and #29 (black) for the art. At each step, the nails were cured once in an LED lamp.


You can find the square studs here . πŸ™‚

A final look at the result:


Hope you liked it!


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