Gelish: Heavenly Creatures

So the story behind these mismatched nails is this: I had a customer who wanted the unicorn to be done on both thumbs, but as drawing the unicorn freehand on just one nail took so long (at least ten minutes) she asked me if I could use stickers on the other thumb as she was in a rush. So, I used my super realistic stickers from Japan for this:


The stickers are so gorgeous that I can’t help feel saddened that so much effort goes into freehand art that can never turn out as realistic or as perfect as quality Japanese stickers. The only thought that comforts me is that you can’t rely on stickers for everything – if they don’t come in a design that you want, you’ll have to paint it yourself!


P.s. You can get your hands on these cherub stickers in my ネイル shop. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Gelish: Heavenly Creatures

  1. cookiejarprincess says:

    I think your unicorn is gorgeous! If it had been me, I definitely would have waited the extra time to have the hand painted work done!

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