Gel Mani: Floral Prints Mix

Cheng Min is one of my favourite customers – she’s always on time, and if she doesn’t have a design in mind, she is always very decisive in selecting something from my nail art magazines. She’s also game to try interesting, complicated designs, so I’ve always photographed her hands since I always get to do a new design on her. This time, she picked a sweet floral design from the July issue of Nail Up!


I used Angel Pro Gelly Polish in #47 and #38 for the base colours, and did the art entirely in Angel Pro Gelly Polish colours as well. I used #21, #38, #9, #10, #29 (mixed with #10 to get a darkened green) and Artistic Colour Gloss Fly for the dark purple.


I then added studs and crystals to bling the nails. Actually, for the thumbs, I painted a ribbon and filled it in with the floral print, outlined the ribbon with gold glitter, and added a giant crystal in the centre. Sadly, I forgot to take pictures of the thumbs!


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