July Nail Wheel

I was contemplating skipping July and just releasing new nail art wheels every two months instead of monthly… I’ve been so tired juggling work and my customers that I haven’t even had time to sleep properly! Also, I’ve been releasing new designs every day (done on customers, who often request for customisations or to replicate the work of other nail artists, so technically, producing another nail art wheel is a lot of additional and unnecessary work. However, I was so inspired by the August 2012 issue of Nail Max that I decided to try out some designs. Half of them are shown here:


All the lace and ruffle designs are from an older nail book, and I’d totally forgotten about it until I was thinking of how to complete the wheel! Super love the idea, but I need to practise more to get them to look more realistically ruffly! For the 3 nails with embossed designs, the inspiration is actually a cartoon character called Baby Cinnamon. A customer requested for it so I tried it out!

Which is your favourite design from my July nail wheel? πŸ™‚


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