Customisation: The Dark Knight Rises

Analise asked me to do this design over 3 nails:


Honestly, when I saw the picture, my heart sank. I wasn’t expecting anything complicated because this was just my usual 2 hour appointment slot, and I always advise customers to send me complicated designs in advance so I can set aside enough time or practise beforehand. To achieve the effect shown in this movie poster requires not only fine details but blending many shades for highlights and shadows for depth and realism. Also, I need time to analyse the picture to see how I can simplify it for the nail (nails are so much smaller than movie posters!) without losing the visual effect.

Actually, I had a very hard time doing this because I was referring to the picture on Analise’s Blackberry, and the picture would go off every 5 seconds and I had to press some buttons to see the picture again. This is another reason why I prefer customers to send me pictures in advance – so I can download them onto my iPad and refer to my iPad easily, with a bigger screen and no screensaver.

However, I didn’t want to disappoint Analise, so I tried my best to complete the design within our 2 hours. Due to the reasons above, the three nails alone took almost an hour to finish. The result:


She also wanted Batman, Catwoman, and another character (I’m not good with the superheroes so I can’t remember all the names!) on her other hand, but due to time constraints, I could only do the first two. The pictures she showed me were simple – nothing like the ultra-detailed and realistic movie poster design above! So, it was a lot faster to complete the remaining two nails. I think it would have looked better if we kept to monotones though, and with more realistic pictures as a reference for the superheros.


Overall, I was actually happy to be forced out of my comfort zone and attempt something crazy difficult (yes, to me, the movie poster is crazy difficult!)… but I wish I could have been forewarned so I could have been more well-prepared and set aside more time for the design. Then, I wouldn’t have had to rush and do a sloppy job. Sigh…

P.s. I used Angel Pro Gelly Polish in #9, #14 and #29 for the base colours and acrylic paint for the art.

23 thoughts on “Customisation: The Dark Knight Rises

  1. asstha says:

    awww huns… u’re always so hard on urself… i thought it was absolutely gorgeous and d likeness to the poster was awesome… cant wait to get my nails done with you again… u’re right the angel pro was really a breeze to remove… finally removed the mani u did for me in May like last weekend… my laziness has no limit hahahahaha…

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