Gelish: Bridal V-French with Lace Stickers

Wee Zi requested for the V-French bridal design that I designed for my friend Rachel, but as she was going for her bridal shoot and had been told to keep her nails simple for the shoot, we simplified the design further.


This was done with Gelish Desert Sands as the base and Gelish Light Elegant for the tips. I used intricate lace stickers in tiny detail (Wee Zi’s nails are among the smallest I’ve seen!) and embellished the V tips with a small cluster of crystals and pearls. For the thumbs, I sculpted a tiny embossed flower.

Wee Zi also did a French Gelish pedicure (actually, it was my first time doing a French Gelish pedi – my customers usually opt for more complex designs!) and it turned out beautiful, but I forgot to take pictures. 😦 So clean and classic! Sigh…


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