Tutorial: Angel Pro Gelly Polish x Little Twin Stars

Today’s post is going to be a long one, because I have something special to share. It’s no secret that I’ve fallen in love with Angel Pro Gelly Polish – I’m sure many of you have noticed that my designs are increasingly featuring this Korean gel polish rather than the more commonly used Gelish or Artistic Colour Gloss gel polishes.

In a nutshell, I am loving Angel Pro Gelly Polish because of 5 reasons:

1. Its gorgeous palette of pastel colours, which is sorely lacking from Gelish and ACG (which I still turn to for shimmers and glitters, as Angel Pro currently has only creme and jelly colours but is working on developing more colours).

2. It has proven to be more reliable without any colour changing or fading issues, unlike Gelish colours like Princess Tiara.

3. The fact that it is 100% gel, unlike other gel polishes which are hybrids that contain solvents. This makes Angel Pro Gelly Polish more gentle on the nails, and also means that the colours are more opaque and dense, and thus excellent for nail art, since they don’t pool or thin out.

4. Its fuss-free application. No need for “PH Bond”, and no need to remove shine from the nails with a harsh nail file, only a gentle buffer.

5. Its fuss-free removal. No need to file the top coat; simply jump straight to the soak-off.

My nail school is the distributor for Angel Pro products in Singapore, which I am thankful for, because if my teachers hadn’t introduced the products to us, I would still be stuck with limited colour options and using acrylic paint for art all the time – it’s a hassle because so many more layers of top coat are needed!

Alright, on to the exciting stuff! Today I have a 3-in-1 tutorial that not only shows the steps for using the Angel Pro gel polish system, but also includes general nail art tips, and how to create a cute design with this gel polish system. This is the design that I did for my model, Angie, just for today’s tutorial:


Before you can start using Angel Pro’s gel polish system, you’ll need to prep your nails – shape them, buff them, tidy up your cuticles, and wipe your nails clean.


*Cure = causing the gel polish to turn from a liquid to a solid, thus effectively “drying”. It doesn’t “dry” by itself when exposed to air. It can only “dry” when exposed to the light from a UV or LED lamp. Generally, each coat takes 10-30 seconds to cure in an LED lamp (depending on the strength of your LED lamp) and 1-2minutes to cure in a UV lamp.



If you’d like to find out more, simply visit the Angel Pro website or my nail school’s PRINA.Shoppe! I know they don’t ship overseas, so if you can’t get these products in your country, leave me a comment and I might be able to help you with your purchase. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Tutorial: Angel Pro Gelly Polish x Little Twin Stars

  1. Song says:

    Hi, thank you for the wonderful post! I was wondering why it was impossible to do nail art with gel polish and thought it was becos I wasn’t skilled using gel polish, didn’t know everyone had the same problem with regular gel polish. I would like to buy some Angel Pro Gel but can’t find a place online that sells them and would ship to the US. Would you be able to help me buy some, I can send you the money via PayPal.

    Thank you in advance!

    • nailartexpress says:

      Hi Song,

      The retail price of Angel Pro Gelly Polish is around S$24/25, but may be higher now as they announced price increases in mid-June. However, if you are purchasing 12 bottles, they will give a discount. If you are fine with the estimated price, please check out swatches at http://thenailindustry.blogspot.com and let me know the colours that you’d like. 🙂

  2. Ash-Lilly says:

    Hi Ying.
    I’m interested in buying all the Gelly essentials (base and topcoats and residue remover) and 5-6 colours. I’ve had a look at Evelyn’s site and have a rough idea of how much I’d expect to pay. If possible, please could you find out if they’d offer a discount on this bundle of items or what the discount would be on 12 polishes. I’m in the UK too so obviously there’d be a shipping fee… Thank you so much for your offer of assistance and review; it’s such a shame they aren’t available here 😦

    As always, your work remains amazing 🙂

  3. lizluvnail says:

    If u can share wit me some color of angel gelly ?? Cause this time i not buy luggage so i cant buy much , so how much u will charge me for each bottle ?

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