Gel Mani: Blue Daisies

Brena asked for blue daisies for her birthday manicure as she was throwing a party with blue daisies as the theme! She even arranged for daisies to be dyed blue for her party! She asked for the daisies to be done on a white tip, and this is the result:


I used Gelish Desert Sands for the base and Gelish Sheek White for the tips, but did all the art with Angel Pro Gelly Polish colours. The blue daisies were done with two tones of blue – I first used #25, then layered lighter blue petals over that by mixing #25 with #47. I then used #2 for the centre of the flowers and dotted on #31 for the pollen details. The leaves were done by mixing #10 with #31 to get two shades of green. The overall look is very soft because it’s created with gel colours rather than acrylic paint.


For the thumbs, I sculpted on embossed blue daisies and leaves with Angel Pro’s coloured acrylic powders.

Happy Birthday Brena! I hope you had a good one!


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