Gelish: Bridal Blush

It’s the wedding season! For June and July, I have a record number of bookings for brides as well as ladies who are attending weddings, so it’ll be interesting to see how the designs pan out! This one was custom-designed for Carrine, who didn’t have any specific design in mind, but knew she wanted flowers and French tips, and wanted something simple and not too 3D. This is the end result:


(If you’re wondering, I used an iPad app called Frametastic for this!)

I used Gelish Desert Sands for the base and Gelish Sheek White for the tips. I added a silver glitter line and embellished the French tips with a side cluster of crystals and tiny round gold sequins.


There were two accent nails – one of them was done using gorgeous super realistic rose stickers in white and blush pink, and I added silver glitter highlights to make them stand out more. For the thumbs, I sculpted embossed roses in shades of white and pink and embellished them with crystals and pearls.

P.s. You can purchase the rose stickers here if you’re quick – limited quantity left!


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