Gelish: Strawberry Fields

Sometime ago, I tried out this design from one of my many nail art magazines. There is a panel with a border of lace, and inside are embossed strawberries and white flowers, plus the occasional crystal. Priscillia was game enough to give it a try after seeing it on my nail art wheel, and this is what I did for her:


I used Gelish Light Elegant for the base and added scallop-edged stickers from PA (a Japanese brand) to form the panel. Then, I sculpted the embossed strawberries and flowers onto the nail, incorporating some useful techniques that I learnt from attending the Chanel Kitty workshop at Pink Room in May!


For the ring and index fingers, I created a matching design by using the same lace stickers, then drawing crisscross lace between the stickers.


Then, I sculpted a pink embossed ribbon in the centre.


Added crystals sparingly as a finishing touch to fill in gaps in the strawberry design!


This has got to be one of my favourite designs ever!


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