Customisation: Swan Lake

Yvonne wanted ballet-themed nail art with a dark colour scheme, so after some discussion, this is what I did for her:


The ballet dancer in white is based on a painting/picture (can’t really tell because the picture quality is so low!) that I also used previously for another ballet-themed manicure (and Yvonne had requested for that particular design but converted to a darker colour scheme):


When I adapted it, it ended up having a very abstract feel compared to the Black Swan, which was based on a higher-resolution picture of Natalie Portman in her role:


I added the feathers as I was inspired by this other picture:


Now I wish I had referred to a picture of the White Swan to match!


I did a black glitter gradient base with Gelish Ambience, Gelish Water Field and Gelish Black Shadow. However, for the right thumb, I skipped the black in order to better feature the Black Swan. I also added abstract white feathers on the black tips so that they would stand out and match the ballet dancer in white.

Love the Black Swan!


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