Gelish: Ethnic Polka

Some time ago, a semi-regular customer of mine cancelled a 4-hour slot by just telling me “I want to cancel my appointment on ____ and book ______ instead.”

I was disturbed by it for a few reasons:

1. The way she said it. She was cancelling a peak period slot (weekday evening) and switching to another peak period slot without giving any reason or any apology. Normally, I am perfectly ok with customers changing their slots as they are usually very apologetic about it and tell me it’s due to work etc, and I fully understand.

2. I reserve my peak period slots for regular customers (who come to me at least once a month) but this particular customer drops by probably every 2 months, and sometimes goes MIA for months. Technically, the peak period slots should not be for her (but I just close one eye to it), and her attitude in cancelling the slot without any reason or apology felt like she was taking me for granted.

3. She has a history of arriving late – up to 45 minutes – and I guess this affected my mood when I saw her message to change her appointment.

I know many people say “the customer is always right”, but when you get customers behaving badly, I feel like I should follow what Precision Nails recommends in this article on clients behaving badly!

Anyway, this is actually a small matter compared to some really horrible clients I’ve had, so I ended up just rescheduling the appointment as requested.

So, since her original appointment slot was now available, I posted them up and my friend Jenrine booked them immediately (I’m not kidding – it was in like ten minutes) for herself and a friend.

Jenrine seemed to be geared towards tribal/ethnic designs, so I picked this one out for her:

We opted for a different colour scheme though! I used Gelish Sheek White, Artistic Colour Gloss With It, Artistic Colour Gloss Tease and Artistic Colour Gloss Mocha Chino for this. All art was done with the gel polishes.

I didn’t follow the design exactly as I had to adapt it to the size of Jenrine’s nails, but the idea is roughly there!

I love the idea of alternating the print with colourful polka dots. So cute!

One more look:


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