Extensions + Art: Sweet Garden Fence

I was looking for nail models a while back as I was planning to take my extensions exam, and needed to clock hours for self-study sessions at Pink Room, as required for exam. Angie was one of the lovely ladies who volunteered, and she is also one of my customers with lovely nail beds. It can be awkward sitting in a quiet room for 5 hours plus with a complete stranger, so I chose to work with her (since we’ve already developed some rapport and can converse easily) for my first self-study session.

We couldn’t start straight away though because she had “Gelish” on her nails. I say “Gelish” because I am pretty sure it wasn’t authentic “Gelish”! She had it done in Bangkok and it had weird properties. I work with Gelish A LOT and I can tell if something’s not quite right! It was a pain to remove and couldn’t soak off properly, so I had to resort to filing some of it off. Her nails after the removal:


After that, I cleaned up her cuticles and trimmed her nails into a short round shape. She wanted oval nails, so I did that for the first two nails, but then when I was asking Nicole (one of the educators at Pink Room) to check my work, she said she had to see square-shaped tips to be able to evaluate my work. This explains why my picture looks like this:


Anyway, I was having difficulty getting a proper arch – I don’t usually work in an air-conditioned room, and I was struggling with the watery acrylic mix. Need to practise more in air-conditioning! After the extensions were done, I shaped them oval and did art for Angie.


I used Gelish Desert Sands for the base, and AnGel.Pro Gelly Polish for the rest of the art. I’ll update with the colours when I can (left them at Pink Room!)… All the art was done with Gelly Polish instead of acrylic paint, and the details are awesome!


I shall find time to do more self-study for extensions in June… Will be contacting my selected nail models soon! In the meantime… One last picture!



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