Gelish: Ethnic Denim

Vanny requested for this design:

I did it with very minor alterations – I used solid gold instead of gold striping tape for the lines, and I stuck to one denim design instead of 2 different ones as Vanny preferred this one.

I used Gelish Pink Smoothie as the base for the ethnic design and did the art with Gelish Tiger Blossom, the neon yellow from the Gelish Rio Neons collection, Gelish Go Girl, Gelish Black Shadow and Artistic Colour Gloss Mocha Chino. Also embellished the ethnic print with GORGEOUS studs in various shapes and sizes from Japan, and mini pearls too!

The denim print is a more complex version and done different from my previous denim nails. These are done with Artistic Colour Gloss Wham as a base and acrylic paint for the art. The details are done with tiny strokes of a brush as opposed to sponging randomly! This makes for an even more realistic denim effect!

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