Gelish: Purple Princess Fade

Jessica was pretty open to any design, so I designed one for her! She wanted lace, as well as embossed flowers, and was willing to try any colour combination, so I picked purple since she hadn’t done purple recently. I used Gelish Ambience for the base and Gelish Sheek White for some of the tips. The purple was custom-mixed from Artistic Colour Gloss Fly and Gelish Sheek White. The result:

This is a unique set because of the purple gradient that I did with the half moons. Usually, gradients are done as a tip design, but this proves that gradients work well from the half moon too! I added some glitter for extra glamour as well!

I did two different lace designs for the thumb and the ring finger. The thumb has a simple netted lace within curved dotted borders as a background for the embossed rose, while the ring finger has a complex, multi-level lace design that I really adore. I’ve been a bit sloppy on my fine details though, as you can probably tell from these pictures -the bad news is that my wrist injury is acting up again and it is causing me pain when I do fine art for extended periods. I may have to reduce my appointment slots to give my wrist more rest. 😦


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