Gelish: Sweet Tweed with Gold Ribbon Charm

Cheng Min didn’t have a design in mind, and I was impressed by how quickly she picked both her mani and pedi designs from my Japanese nail art magazines! This is what I did for her, with some modifications:


The main design is a heart-shaped tip, which I did in baby pink (from the latest Candyland collection by Gelish), baby blue (Artistic Colour Gloss Deblu), pale cream (custom mixed from Gelish Forever Beauty and Gelish Sheek White) and pale purple (custom mixed from Artistic Colour Gloss Fly and Gelish Sheek White). Mixing colours is tedious but necessary because the Gelish colour range is so limited!


For the heart tips, I ended up adding a crystal accent as the original design was a little too plain.


The accent nail is a sweet tweed design which I did with Gelish colours. I also added a pastel yellow into the mix (again, custom mixed from Gelish Sheek White and both yellows from the Gelish Candyland and Rio Neons collections). The original design had a single pearl embellishment with the four gold beads, but I opted for a crystal instead for more shine.


A close up of the ribbon charms on the thumbs:


I really love the ribbon charms! I only bought two on my Japan trip last year as they were very expensive, and I was dying to use them, just for the fun of it. Now, seeing how pretty they look, I’m definitely going to stock up when I go to Japan again!


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