Gelish: Scrapbook Style

As usual, Faith knew what she wanted and sent me her design in advance:


She requested for it to be done in pink and black instead though!


The only other modification made was to the ribbon design – Faith didn’t want to have a crystal so we left it out.


I used Gelish Ambience, Gelish Make A Difference, Gelish Sheek White and Gelish Black Shadow for this design. All art was done with Gelish colours… which meant that I couldn’t be as detailed or precise as I would have liked. Working with the runny white colour was such a pain that I am seriously considering getting some An.Gel Pro colours for their ease of use for art!



2 thoughts on “Gelish: Scrapbook Style

  1. Greet Henderyckx says:

    Still nice details, your work is always amazing! I also read your review on An.Gel pro, seem such good products and i would love to use them, but are they compatible with the gelish system? (so can they be used with the gelish foundation and top it off?)

    Greet – Belgium

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