Gelish: Europe Tour

Past: No, nothing’s wrong with my blog. There wasn’t a scheduled post today for 2pm because I haven’t had the time to blog! It’s been a crazy period and I have so much to catch up on. 😦


Yitian is leaving for a Europe trip, and she wanted matching nails for her trip! She came prepared with a sketch of what she wanted, so all I had to do was to execute the design.


I used Gelish Red Roses, Gelish Sheek White, Gelish Black Shadow, and the blue from the latest Gelush collection, Candyland. Most of the art was done with acrylic paint.


Right hand:
Thumb – Clog with tulip
Index – Dutch flag
Middle – Windmill
Ring – Checkerboard with Loch Ness monster silhouette
Pinky – Tartan print


Right hand:
Thumb – Beer and sausages
Index – Polka dotted bikini
Middle – French flag with chef
Ring – Swiss flag
Pinky – Cow


Oh, and something I didn’t even think about until I was done and Yitian mentioned it – she has tiny nails! I placed a 50-cent coin beside her nail so you can imagine how tiny her nails are. No wonder I was having a harder time than usual doing the fine details!

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