AnGel.Pro Gelly Polish review

Currently, I’m only using gel polishes from Gelish and Artistic Colour Gloss for my customers.

I love them, but one unfortunate thing about these two brands is that the colour range is so limited that I sometimes have to disappoint my customers who want certain colours like pastel yellow or pastel orange as Gelish and ACG do not have such colours.

Also, some Gelish colours tend to fade/change over time. For example, Princess Tiara is supposed to be a pastel purple, but it turns to light grey in a few days. Some of the pinks also fade or turn yellowish.

So, I am open to trying other brands of gel polish that might offer a wider, more reliable colour range. The only thing that made me hesitate was that Gelish has taken Singapore by storm, and many customers even think that Gelish = gel polish, without knowing that Gelish is just a brand, and that there are many other brands of gel polish that work similarly and last 2-3 weeks or more. I was worried that switching brands might turn off customers, or worse, lead to accusations of false representation if I advertise Gelish services but don’t use Gelish. I wasn’t that concerned when I was just using Gelish and ACG because ACG is linked to the Gelish company, but other brands are a different matter.

Luckily, Rachel, the principal of my nail school (Pink Room International Nail Academy), kindly offered to let me try the AnGel.Pro Gelly Polish system. Nicole, a senior educator at Pink Room, was there when I went to pick up the products for my review, and let me pick any colours that I wanted to try. Here’s my review!


The AnGel.Pro system is a little less complicated compared to Gelish. After cleaning up the cuticles, you can off-shine with a buffing block instead of a file – this is a bit gentler on your nails. Then, you don’t need to use any dehydrator or primer and just go straight to the base coat, which cures for 30 seconds in an LED lamp.


I didn’t really have a design in mind, but I knew that I wanted to check for colour changing/fading issues, so I picked out a light purple, light grey, and a pale pink for my review.


Rachel told me earlier that AnGel.Pro Gelly Polish could be used for detailed art, and I really wanted to test that out, so I did an intricate lace design. I was very impressed by how the colour was opaque enough for art. With Gelish, I sometimes have to do the art twice (ie go through again with a second layer) or it would not be opaque enough. Also, the consistency of the Gelly Polish is a bit thicker than Gelish, so it really is wonderful for detailed work – it doesn’t pool/spread out easily like Gelish, so I can manipulate it to get finer details. After top coat:


According to Nicole, one more advantage of this Gelly Polish is that it is easier to remove. Like Gelish, it soaks off in ten minutes, but there is no need to break the seal of the top coat by filing it first. You can immediately soak it off!

Anyway, I decided to do a very simple set in the end:


And I got my boyfriend to take a picture for me!


I will probably end up getting some colours to supplement my existing collection of gel polishes, in order to offer greater variety and options to my customers!

Where to buy/enquire on Angel.Pro Gelly Polish: PRINA Shoppe Room!


4 thoughts on “AnGel.Pro Gelly Polish review

  1. ivyoh says:

    I think you would love the Lechat perfect match gels. Their colours are all beautiful, and they have just released two collections that are led curable. I LOVE the Lechat formula. Very impressive. And you get a matching nail polish.

  2. ivyoh says:

    I think you would like the Lechat perfect match gels. They come with a matching nail polish. They have released two collections that are LED curable and working on reissuing popular colours to cure under LED. They have a lot of gorgeous colours too. I love the Lechats.

  3. lizluvnail says:

    your information is so usefull for my. i was confused abt the gelish n angel gelly , especialy wit some dark tone of gelish i have to apply many layer for the real color.

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