Gelish: Futuristic Geometry

Vanny designed her own set based on the following picture:


The sketch that she sent me in an email:


My execution:


I used Gelish Ambience for the base and did all the art with Gelish colours, Black Shadow and the Rio Neons collection.


I also used silver striping tape, which really made the whole set stand out!


It was very tedious though, especially for the jagged design, which involved cutting small strips of the tape and lining them into the right shape!


I actually spent close to FOUR hours on the Gelish manicure and the art, so it’s definitely ranked up there as one of my most tedious and therefore (-ahem-) more pricey designs. I’m starting to think of charging by time spent instead of by design. What do you think?

I know, it’s a really radical idea and quite insane, but when you think about it, what should be the price of art? The amount of effort put into creating it, right?


Which also means that something really simple like polka dots would also cost a lot less! Fair, no?


8 thoughts on “Gelish: Futuristic Geometry

  1. Ash-Lilly says:

    I do think charging according to time taken is a good idea for the intricate designs; that’s what tattoo artists do. The basic designs in the catalogues are priced up, but commissioned art is a different matter.
    I haven’t commented for months but still love your work x

    • nailartexpress says:

      I agree, but I think customers might beg to differ… πŸ˜› I’ll have to think this through and work it out!

      Thank you! And best of luck with the nail technician training! πŸ™‚

  2. L says:

    Hi, just want to ask how you keep the silver striping tape from peeling from the edges? I always have this problem when using them…

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