Gelish: Sweet Stars

Chrislyn was originally considering the pink and black stars and stripes design that I posted awhile back, but as she would be starting a new job soon, we agreed that she should go for something more subtle instead.

After some discussion, we narrowed it down to three criteria: a design incorporating stars and stripes, a pink colour scheme, and a design that would grow out nicely (such that the new nail growth would not look too obvious). So, I created this for her!


I used Ambience as base and alternated between light pink (Gelish Less Talk) and medium pink (Gelish Take Action) for the V-tips. I opted for V-tips instead of my usual half moons because they would work better with the stripes!


I then added a white stripe with Gelish Sheek White and for the light pink tips, I drew on a star with Gelish Take Action. To make the design stand out more, I lined the stripes and the stars with silver glitter.


Sweet and subtle enough for Chrislyn’s first day at work!


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