Gelish: Moroccan Marble

Cheng Min sent me the following photos:



She liked the drag marble effect and requested for something similar in blue. After some discussion, this was the result:


As you can see, there are only two different designs in this set – a full nail design and a tip design.


The full design was done on the thumbs and the ring fingers. For the base, I used Gelish Sheek White, and did drag marbling with that and Artistic Colour Gloss Wham and Artistic Colour Gloss Tease.


For the tip design, I used the same colours for the drag marbling in a corner, but used Gelish Ambience as a base.


Finally, I added embellishments! The marbled stone on the thumbs and the gold frame around it are from Japan, and so are the tiny gold beads and the gold frame for the crystal on the ring finger. The rest are ordinary by comparison – gold studs and crystals!


I love how the embellishments seem to pull the whole look together and give it a touch of exotic glamour!


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