Gelish: Lace and Flowers in Monotone

Priscillia again gave me free rein to do any design I wanted on her nails, so I showed her an intricate freehand design that I had copied from one of my Japanese nail art magazines and she approved of it! I get the feeling that she really appreciates freehand art (as opposed to simple techniques like sponging, polka dots, stickers and embellishments) so I always choose more complicated designs for her. The design this time:

I used Gelish Ambience as the base and Gelish Sheek White for the white section.

Then, I did all the art with acrylic paint. It looks really complicated but it gets better once you get the hang of it. I spent 15 minutes on the first nail but then I got more comfortable and sped up after that and managed to finish the art in an hour and a half, which is about 10 minutes per nail. I don’t really know if that’s fast or slow by industry standards, but it’s fast by my standards for something this complicated!

Challenge to self: train for speed!


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