Gelish: Retro Tiles

As usual, Vanny knew exactly what she wanted and sent me these pictures prior to her appointment.

As the original design from a nail art magazine was too complicated for her nails (her nails are narrower and thus have a small surface area for art, she modified it and even designed both hands to be different! She printed out all ten designs and showed them to me during our appointment. Awesome! All I had to do was to make it happen…

The result:

All art was done with Gelish.

The dark blue is Gelish Caution, the white is Gelish Sheek White, and the orange is Gelish Tiger Blossom.

This was tedious because of the multi-layerd drag marbling required, and the hardest design was probably the circle! I had to draw so many rings before I could do the drag marbling… and then of course, the tiny details.

Another unforgettable set for Vanny! AND! She sent me these awesome pictures taken by her boyfriend (professional photographer!)…

Wow… these pictures make me want to get my own DSLR and pick up photography!


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