Gelish: Polka French with Crystal-Studded Bow Charms

Few customers are aware that I actually have a large collection of embellishments – I have five boxes of assorted flowers, crystals, studs, stones, charms… Apart from that, I also have chains, beads, metal charms, as well as glitter in assorted colours and shapes. And… I also have a lot of quality stickers. Many of these items can’t be purchased locally – I had to source for them from other countries like Japan and Hong Kong.

Unfortunately, due to the higher cost of these materials and the limited quantity that I have, I can’t bear to use them for sample designs. I usually only whip them out when I think a customer might be interested in them! One day, I really should find the time to photograph my collection…

Anyway! I’m talking about my embellishments because Xen opted to include some in her mani!

I used Gelish Less Talk for the base and Gelish Black Shadow for the polka dots and the slanted tips. For the thumbs, I used Gelish Ambience for the base and Gelish Less Talk for a half moon design, with Gelish Black Shadow for the polka dots.

At Xen’s request, I added a ribbon charm to the ring fingers and glued on pearls and crystals in the shape of a ribbon for the thumbs. Love the bling effect!


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