Roses and Lace Layers

Cheryl wanted a garden theme for her nails and was very open to my suggestions. She knew she wanted pastels and narrowed it down to the Tiffany blue, so we used China Glaze For Audrey as the base.


For the thumbs and ring fingers, I did simple polka dots and sculpted on roses and leaves. For the rest of the fingers, I did a elaborate, unusual multi-layered lace design that is from one of my nail art magazines.


Actually, I fell sick that morning with a fever and flu symptoms, and my hands were quite shaky. I cancelled my evening appointment but decided to go ahead with my day appointments as it was too last minute for me to cancel them.

Anyway, my shaking hands, plus the fact that Felicia was working on Cheryl’s pedi at the same time (so there was some shaking during the pedi scrub and massage) meant that I had a harder time controlling my nail art brush. I am glad that Cheryl was very patient with me and still said she liked the result!


4 thoughts on “Roses and Lace Layers

      • Lizzy says:

        Ooh! I might want to try it out. I tried out a pattern for my chibi art in my website ( for my mascot’s outfit. 🙂 Does it help if you already draw or are an artist?

      • nailartexpress says:

        I’m sure it does – most of the best nail artists I am a fan of actually have a background in art.

        I’m not one of those though – I was never any good at art in school, and art is far from what I do in my day job!

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