Gelish: Dancing with Angels

Cheng Min sent me the following pictures prior to her appointment:



When we sat down to discuss the design, I asked her if she liked the ballet dancer drawn in the original design… because personally, I thought it could be improved. Thankfully, she agreed with me! She was also very open to my other suggestions… and this was the end result:


For the thumbs, I painted two different ballet dancers. One is on tiptoe while the other is in a Swan Lake pose (but I removed the hair accessory and gave the White Swan a normal bun instead). I did the art with acrylic paint and went for a more abstract, oil painting style.


For the middle fingers, I used Gelish Sheek White as a base and used acrylic paint to paint the ballet shoes with a ribbon. This required quite a bit of shading but I really like the result!


For the other fingers, I used Gelish Light Elegant as the base. The ring finger was super 3D – Cheng Min chose a cluster of three roses and also took my recommendation of a tiny crystal ribbon charm.


For the rest of the fingers, Cheng Min chose some cherub stickers:


Which do you prefer – the original or this version customised for Cheng Min?



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