Gelish: Hello Kitty’s Ribbons

Initially, Melissa requested for a Hello Kitty on her thumbs and for polka dots on the rest of her fingers, with a heart on her ring finger. The result:


I used Gelish Red Roses for the base and Gelish Sheek White for the art. For the heart, I also used Gelish Water Field for the outline.


I took quite long to do the Hello Kitty because Melissa specifically requested for the art to be done in Gelish instead of in acrylic paint, so it involved multiple stages of curing. Also, it was my forst time doing the full face so I had to refer to a picture – Hello Kitty is harder to draw than most people would think! Get the proportions wrong and it ends up looking strange… Melissa then decided to take pity on me and suggested a simpler design for the other thumb:


For this thumb, I did two Hello Kitty ribbons and filled them in with glitter. I like this design too!


A last look at the two thumbs:



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