Gelish: Fauxnad Florals

As usual, Faith emailed me the design that she wanted before her actual appointment. This time, I was a little surprised because the floral print was clearly stamped on and I don’t offer Konad (I do have the basic Konad kit and some stamps, but naturally I don’t own all the stamps and as my interest is in freehand nail art, I never felt compelled to expand my collection of Konad stamps…). The thing about Konad is that you can get perfect-looking art in no time at all, but there’s no sense of achievement (for me) in doing it… so anyway, I warned Faith that although I could freehand the floral design, it would take me more time…

The original picture she sent me:

Faith requested for a pink version. For the index and little fingers, I used Artistic Colour Gloss Java Java as the base, sponged on Gelish Less Talk for a gradient effect and topped it with Gelish Water Field for extra sparkle.

For the ring finger and thumb, I used Artistic Colour Gloss Java Java as the base, then painted on the flowers with pink acrylic paint.

Lastly, for the middle finger, I used Artistic Colour Gloss Java Java as the base, painted a pink ribbon, and outlined it with Art Club’s silver glitter striper.

This was a surprisingly pretty colour combination!


2 thoughts on “Gelish: Fauxnad Florals

    • Ying says:

      Thanks Ariel! It is a surprisingly lovely colour combination – I say surprising because I would never have thought of pairing these colours had my customer not requested for them! πŸ™‚

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