Gelish: Leopard Colour Block

Gwen first brought her mom to my place during the CNY peak period to get a pedi, and Felicia worked on her mom’s mani as well. It was her mom’s first time getting her nails done, and I think she’s hooked now! She came back for another mani and pedi and already booked wayyyy in advance for her next one!

The funny thing is, she lives really near me and we just found out that she goes to the same hair salon that my mom goes to. And how did we find out? Well, my mom went to get a haircut a few days ago, and the hairstylist told her about a customer who recently dropped by with lovely nails and said she got it done at a home salon in my block. After some chatting, my mom realised the customer was Gwen’s mom, and the home salon was… MINE! The world is such a small place. 🙂 Anyway… on to the nails:

For this design, I used two colours in the Winter Reds collection from Gelish – Queen of Hearts and Forbidden Love. I also used Gelish Ambience as a base before adding the coloured sections.

For the leopard prints, I used Artistic Colour Gloss Java Java for the spots and outlined them with Gelish Black Shadow.

Finally, I lined the sections with Art Club’s solid gold striper.

It is really a pity that my phone camera was acting up when I took these pictures – sometimes, the photos just turn out FOGGY! I don’t know why… but it clears up after a while. Looks like it’s time for an upgrade! I try to use my proper camera when I can, but sometimes I forget to keep it with me… sigh.

Well, just trust me on this – this design is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS in real life because the colours are so beautiful!


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