Gelish: Floral Cluster

Bee Fang came over for a Gelish mani and requested for a simplified version of Cheng Min’s floral mani here. The result:

Instead of a lace trim, Bee Fang requested for tiny polka dots to line the half moons. She also did away with the embossed roses on accent nails, and kept all the nails the same with freehanded roses.

In order to make this design more special for Bee Fang, and not just something similar to what other customers had done before, I suggested using a mix of single roses and cluster roses. Although this meant that I had to be more careful and detailed with my work as the roses would be even smaller, I relished the challenge.

I used Gelish Ambience for the base, Gelish Take Action for the half moons, and acrylic paint for the art. I am glad Bee Fang chose these over swirled roses. These tiny detailed roses are done by painting a base shape and adding details. Swirled roses are getting very common and are easy enough for anyone to replicate, but tiny detailed roses are a different matter!

Very sweet set – I love it!


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